“Life was more than just life. Design is more than just design.”

Design is life.

I always liked to believe that I was meant for a lot more than what my societies perception of life thought it should be like. I come from a culture with very little appreciation for passion and the arts, and from a very young age I knew deep down in my heart that I was meant for much greater things than this. An entire world of countries, continents, cultures, and coastlines was in front of me. Surely I can make a difference. I have a purpose. Surely. But how?

Life was more than just life. Design is more than just design.

I often find myself thinking about the importance of good design, and I always jump to the conclusion that it is probably single-handedly the most important aspect of any project. Why you may ask? Well, because we are human, and as humans we tend to judge others on first impressions (the first three minutes are the most important). I believe that the same is for design.

A nicely designed site and/or product can show off the quality of content, your loyalty towards customers, as well as a strong appreciation for your craft within the first couple of seconds. Design is often what will introduce your viewers/customers/users to your product/service/site… so obviously first impressions count, right? Right. This is really important to understand.

But what is it that makes a good designer?

I am very convinced that the the worlds best designers are those who have  a very specific purpose for each and every project. They want to solve the worlds problems whilst making it a better place to live in. The worlds best designers are visionaries who take on each and every single project as if it was their own. They thrive on passion and are inspired by the idea that they can make a difference in peoples lives.

Design is all about:

  • Doing what you love.
  • Having purpose.
  • Not being afraid to fail.
  • Staying positive.
  • Having faith.
  • Falling in love.
  • Respecting yourself.
  • Sharing your knowledge.

Now, of course it is important to understand that practice of ones craft is important, but anyone can practice anything. Design is more than just practice. Design is a life style. Not everyone is born a designer.

Good design is in the conversations we have, the people we meet, the passions we share, the experiences we have had, in our angers and fears. Good design should be able to make a difference. Good design should have a purpose. I believe in good design.

Design is life.