The Redesign

Welcome to the new xheight. If you’re a first time visitor or just not very observant, the “old” site was much the same as this except it sported the excellent Information Architects iA³ WordPress theme (what a design to match!) Spurred on by exceptional community feedback since launch — and as a thank you to all authors and commenters — [...]

Do Your Worst

In the beginning as designers, there was a time where we all had to get our feet wet. We decided that we wanted to make our maiden voyage into the unknown, and we all had that similar experience of digging our toes in the sand and taking that first step. Like that of a captain [...]

Here’s What I Know

I’m a designer. Sometimes I try to be a developer. Other times I’m asked to be an illustrator. There are even scenarios where I get hired by a client and am expected to be a calligrapher. Hopefully, no matter how many roles I’m juggling, I will always be considered a teacher. I’m not talking about [...]

The Types of Designers of Today

Designers may be the true intellectuals of the future. – Paola Antonelli In the world of design, artists’ personalities are as diverse as the mediums they use and the finished products. Oftentimes, some of the greatest designers are the most interesting people. They walk to the beat of their own drum, and oddly enough, have [...]

Trade Work is Fools Gold

Quite often, I receive an email that looks something like this: Hey there! I’ve started a new company, [catchy name], and [boilerplate compliments, pitch, and feel goods]. This is a great opportunity for you to expand your circle, and get in early on a startup that’s going to be gargantuan. Of course, we can’t pay [...]

The Art of Discussion

The most significant technological advancement of our lifetime (and perhaps of all time) is the Internet. It connects the world and transcends political boundaries. Some praise its freedom, others call for regulation — whatever your views it’s impossible to ignore. In our small corner we discuss design. Why are we doing this? We’re not exactly saving [...]

Am I an Artist?

“Do you ever think that you could be an artist again?” Someone recently asked me this question. I sat for a moment and thought to myself. After a few moments I responded, “No I don’t think I’d have the patience.” There was a time in my life when all I wanted to be was an [...]

Design is Style

As a kid I was extremely fascinated by the internet and would always try to use it as much as I possibly could. The younger generations wouldn’t really understand this, but back then the internet was limited, slow, expensive, and with little purpose. I would have to disconnect the phone line in order to ‘go [...]

Speak to me (self promotion online)

We have many platforms online to share our design work. Is sharing really self promotion though? You can get your work out there in a controlled space like a personal website, or in more social arenas like LoveDsgn or Dribbble, but how many viewers remember who you are? They see and love your design—maybe even like [...]

Going Dark

If you’ve had occasion to watch the TV series 24, you’ve probably felt the excitement that comes when you hear one of the agents utter the phrase, “I’m going dark.” Going dark ensures that said agent would not become distracted from their objective by removing all communication (e.g. distraction) until after their objective is complete; [...]