Allison Lehman is a freelance designer and blogger living in Columbus, Ohio. She loves collaborating with local businesses and creatives and is constantly working on projects. She also tweets (too much).

Here’s What I Know

I’m a designer. Sometimes I try to be a developer. Other times I’m asked to be an illustrator. There are even scenarios where I get hired by a client and am expected to be a calligrapher. Hopefully, no matter how many roles I’m juggling, I will always be considered a teacher. I’m not talking about [...]

Am I an Artist?

“Do you ever think that you could be an artist again?” Someone recently asked me this question. I sat for a moment and thought to myself. After a few moments I responded, “No I don’t think I’d have the patience.” There was a time in my life when all I wanted to be was an [...]

A Little Respect

Have you ever heard the phrase, “No news is good news.” Well it’s not true. As a freelance designer, this statement couldn’t be scarier. The idea suggests that not hearing about a situation implies that nothing bad has happened. Designers: you know that feeling, right? It’s been two weeks since you sent those designs over [...]