Ari Krzyzek

Known as Chykalophia, is a professional freelance designer in graphic & web design with over 4 years of experience. Founder/Editor of Frespiration!, she recently won The Annual Design Awards 2010 for best product packaging design. Add her on Twitter or like her Facebook Page.

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Every Pixel Matters

When you’re starting to set your goals, you want to have it perfect right? So does everybody else. The first time I decided to resign from the company I’ve work for and go freelance I imagined that the road would be easy and that I could design whatever I wanted. Well, it hasn’t worked out [...]

You start here

When I was young I thought the whole world included only my area, my friends, and my family. Years later I learned the truth about how truly vast this wondrous planet is. It is the source of my greatest inspirations, the cause of some of my worst pains, and yet it is why I strive to [...]