Karim Boubker makes videos, takes photos, enjoys business, and loves social media. He also blogs about things he finds cool and interesting on karimboubker.com. You can also follow him on twitter @karimboubker and on Google +.

Storytelling in Design

I’ve always wanted to prove to the world that with enough hard work, strong dedication, and a little bit of patience – anyone can achieve anything they want to achieve. It has been done and proven a thousand times before by those who are now our worlds most inspirational figures, and I want to be next. This is an [...]

Design is Style

As a kid I was extremely fascinated by the internet and would always try to use it as much as I possibly could. The younger generations wouldn’t really understand this, but back then the internet was limited, slow, expensive, and with little purpose. I would have to disconnect the phone line in order to ‘go [...]

Design is Life

Design is life. I always liked to believe that I was meant for a lot more than what my societies perception of life thought it should be like. I come from a culture with very little appreciation for passion and the arts, and from a very young age I knew deep down in my heart [...]