Ross Moody is writing this biography in third person and feels a little awkward about it. He is currently an Art Director by day and runs a limited edition design collective called 55 Hi's by night. He likes pizza and cereal and clever ideas. You can drop him a line at or get a few updates on the 55 Hi's Facebook page.

Andy Kleeman is a designer and front-end developer working freelance and contracting around Surrey, Hampshire and London. His work and occassional blog post can be seen at The boy who cried fox and you can follow his web and design related tweets as well as some general nonsene @tbwcf.

Kultar Ruprai is a creative multimedia / web designer based in the UK. He design's for print, web, writes regular blog posts and loves nothing more than being creative. You can find out more about him on his website or follow him on twitter @ksruprai