xheight aims to share the inner-most secrets of professional designers. On one hand, this blog will allow its authors to understand their own discipline, but more importantly, it will allow others a new perspective on what design can mean.

xheight is a blog about ideas and thoughts.

Ideas that define design and all that it embraces. From aesthetics to the esoteric, from practice, to pretence and perfection. Thoughts that enlighten the designer, exploring a world of past progress and future possibilities.

The process and principles of design cannot be defined by a single imagination. In these articles you will catch a glimpse of what design meant to one person, at one particular point in time. By asking our authors “What does design mean to you?” we are creating a collaborative context that, hopefully, shines new light on design.

xheight gives free reign to its authors. The only requirement is a sincere, honest and personal answer. Start reading our articles.

Created by David Bushell (@dbushell).